August 27, 2010

Last Time I Checked You Were TWO, Missy...

With Little A, I constantly find myself uttering the words isn't she too young for this?

Today may just have taken the cake.

Twice today (not once but TWICE) she stomped off to her bedroom after being reprimanded and slammed the door.

I'm not talking about needing her space and shutting the door for some alone time. No. I'm talking full-blown, had-to-check-and-make-sure-she-still-had-ten-fingers SLAMMING of the door.


Do you want to know the funny part, though?

She's yet to figure out doorknobs.

Hee hee.

Guess who's just a little beside herself when she realizes she's just locked herself in her own room?

She may or may not have started screaming MOMMY in a way that I was sure I would walk in to find her head spinning and pea soup spewing from her little bow lips.

It was just a tad bit gratifying, nonetheless.

Lord help me when she becomes a teenager.

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Sherry said...

She's got some serious 'tude, huh? :) Ethan also hasn't figured out doorknobs and he kept running into his brother's room after I'd told him not to (about a million times) and he finally shut the door behind him and same thing....MOOOOOOMMYYYYYY! I let him sweat it just a bit before opening it, and for now he doesn't go in there anymore.

rduxler said...

This is why I'm relieved that my 2nd child is a boy and I don't have to deal with another drama queen again until Baby A starts getting older. While Eli has his typical 2-year-old moments, they all PALE in comparison to his sister at that age.

Kendra said...

HAHAHA! That's too funny that she locks herself in there =)