August 18, 2010

A Day of Little A...

First, I'd like to wish my little TWO-year-old a Happy Birthday! It's a little hard for me to eek that one out, but the facts remain the same.

Little A is two years old. Wow.

Little A, you continue to amaze us everyday. You are one smart little cookie. I stopped tracking your new vocabulary once you reached 200+ words, so we know you've surpassed that milestone. We can't always understand everything you say, but it's getting easier and easier. You are also strikingly beautiful, and your eyes are envy-worthy, for sure.

Here are some of the things you love to do: You love to watch Baby Signing Time. As soon as the intro music comes on, you run to the TV and start rocking your arms and singing. You are obsessed with listening to music in the car. You and your sister are particularly fond of the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'", and you demand it every time we get in the car by yelling SOOONG! Once it's finished, you yell gen, gen until I backtrack and play it again.

You are super interested in all things transportation. If ever we had a concern about your hearing, we've been made to feel better considering you can hear a train in the distance like no one I've ever met. As soon as you do, you yell tain, tain, and begin rubbing your fingers over one another in sign. You also like to identify airpanes and *ucks (trucks). You are convinced that all of those things say chugga chugga choo choo, but that's OK.

You have an entire bedtime/nap time routine that involves tip-toeing to your bedroom to go seepy-night-night (in a whisper). You have to kiss and lay down each of your 462 guys in bed. Your favorites are silver kitty, frog, pink elephant, black bear, turtle, and monster. We've resorted to relying on the vornado blasting to create white noise. You are such a light sleeper.

You like to play with your baby dolls, and you are quite fixated with changing their diapers. You think everyone is always poopie. You even pointed to your Build-A-Bear bunny's white cottontail and said poo-poo. Silly girl! You are very interested in the potty, and you love to sit on it, but we've never had a potty success...yet. You do feel it very important to wop (wipe) and wash your hands with soooooap anyway. You also love to pretend to wash your hands, and you will drag your little Rose Petal Sink out of the cottage and to the middle of the floor to demonstrate... by yourself.

Did I mention that you are a complete bruiser? You are strong and you are tough. You play hard, and dainty is just not a word I would use to describe you at this stage of life. You can climb like nobodies business and you've no fear when it comes to falling or anything like that. You've been jumping with two feet of the ground forever, so that's no new news. You are getting better and better at stairs, and your new favorite activity is to count them as you go. Usually goes something like one, twoooo, freeee, four, six, nine, TEN!

You have a tendency to be a bit rough with your sister. You are a bit confused with the concept of sharing (and what two-year-old isn't?) and you pretty much demand it by walking up to her (or any other kid you're playing with) and leaning in while screaming SHARE! We need to work on some finesse, sister.

You still love to eat. Your appetite had decreased dramatically, but you are still pretty open to trying new things. Cheese is your favorite. Oh, and butter. You tend to require very little bread to go with your butter (or waffles or pancakes). You may or may not lick the butter off said food and demand more. Over and over. And you certainly didn't try to climb on the counter to retrieve the stick of butter for your dining pleasure. Nope.

As adventurous as you are, you do have a tendency to get a bit frightened over things. You hated going down the lazy river at the pool. You were pretty apprehensive on the speed boat in Minnesota. The zip-line swing at My Gym... not so much. These things all make Mommy feel a little better, though. Fear is not a bad thing for all occasions. More human, less cyborg... GOOD.

If I've used the word yell or scream frequently throughout this post, forgive me. But, honey, you have one volume level, and it's LOUD. You like to make yourself heard. And, that's OK... because what you have to say is important!

The bottom line is this- you are a sweet, smart, funny little princess. Our lives wouldn't be nearly as full or nearly as interesting without you in it. You make us smile and laugh every day, and our family is so much better as FOUR! Thank you for being YOU, Little A. We wouldn't have it any other way. We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Happy Birthday, Little A!
♥ Mommy, Daddy & Sassy

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