August 17, 2010

Celebrate We Will: My Gym Madness

Well, I guess all that's left to share are the party pictures!

I am super lucky, and have wonderful friends who completely took over camera duty so I could mingle and play with my baby girls! Thanks Tom & Mae... you're the best!

So, basically, the kids played. They jumped like little beans, climbed, zip-lined, bubble-popped, sang, danced, chugga-chugga-chooed, you name it...

I really love the way My Gym conducts birthday parties... there seems to be just enough structure to keep the kids on track, but plenty of time for free-play. They also do a wonderful job of making sure the birthday kid feels like the guest of honor. Little A was called to take the first train ride, the first turn at things, and she even got to make a grand princess-boa-crown-sled-train ride through the gym!

We took a much needed break for cookies, melon, yogurt, and juice...

...and sang Happy Birthday to our girl...

...and then resumed playing, zip-lining, and all the good stuff.

In line with My Gym tradition, we chose to forgo opening gifts at the party to maximize play time. Afterwards, Nana, Graycop, Tyler, and I took the girls to a nice dinner at Outback (Sassy's new-found favorite is steak... go figure). Then, we headed home and helped Little A open her birthday gifts. She received some very nice things from our very generous friends, and she was just pleased as punch. I was so proud of Sassy, too, for being such a big helper and allowing Little A to have her special birthday time.

All in all... a HUGE success!

We hope our sweet little watermelon girl enjoyed her special day with friends!

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