August 5, 2010

No Sooner Do We Settle In...

And, we are on the road again. This time to visit Ty's family in MN. Now that we're finally caught up on the Cape Cod trip, here's what we've been up to the last two weeks:


That's what happens when you take three weeks worth of vacation in one month. I've been insanely busy doing home visits, paper work, and getting ready for the beginning of the school year. Work. Work. Work.

The sprinkler park.

We had a PAT meeting at Osage Park, and the girls had a blast!

Battling Little A to keep hair pretties in.

This look lasted about 2 minutes.

Sure looked cute while it lasted.

Date Night.

Tyler and I went to the Old Town Warren to see Inception. Such a great movie! I love that theater because you can order food, snacks, and drinks from your seat. We had a nice time!

Fire pit!

Tyler bought us an outdoor fire pit while Sassy and I were out east. We sat around the fire together and made S'mores for the first time the other night. Nothing says summer like an ooey gooey s'more...

This plus this...

...Equals this.

Oh, how this picture cracks me up. Don't worry, we helped her get the marshmallow out of her mouth and made sure it did not turn into a choking hazard. As I always say... DANGER, Little A.



We've had two consecutive record-breaking days here in the Wichita Metro. 108, folks. Yeah. 108. 108.

Subsequent indoor play.

That's what happens when it's 108. Sassy and Little A have {mostly} been getting along nicely. Little A got a special Corolle doll from Cape Cod, and it's been her go-to toy. Sassy has been walking Little A's pull puppy around and pretending it's her dog. You know...

Outdoor fun for those who can hang.

Yesterday, as it reached 106 degrees, some friends gathered for what was supposed to be an outdoor, water-fun, good-bye summer play date/picnic. Needless to say, we spent more time cramming our bodies inside than out, but we had a great time! No pictures, though. Too hot.

National Night Out.

Sassy had her first dance performance of the season at Andover's National Night Out. It was a mere 102 degrees at 7 pm when her group was to perform. They did a great job, and looked adorable, as always. We had LOTS and LOTS of water available, too, which was great (and necessary)!

A flushed little face never looked so cute:

And, that's pretty much what we've been up to. I'm sure to have one last round of pictures and stories to share from our LAST travel adventure of the summer. Oh, and a certain little one has a special day coming up very soon...

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