August 14, 2010


Sassy has a new obsession collection.

She's begun to collect Squinkies.

Which means she has acquired one package of Squinkies.

But, guess what, mamas?

There are hundreds to collect.

Fancy that!

What is a Squinky, you ask??

It's a little rubbery eraser thingy.

At least, that's the technical term.

They are each numbered, you know, to draw extra special attention to the ones in the series that you don't have yet...

Anyone remember Batman cards? Pogs? Garbage Pail Kids?

Yeah, I'm super excited about this new hobby. Squinky collecting. I can't wait until the first time Little A ingests one. Or, when Sassy decides all she wants for Christmas is a Squinky set, and we'll be scouring to the edges of the earth for the last known Squinky castle in existence, a la Zhu Zhu Pets last season.

Ah, the joys of dealing with children's toys and their evil marketing strategies...

They really are kinda cute...

3 sweet tweets:

My name is Momma said...

Garbage Pail kids!! I used to love those gross things.

Did you enter my Squinkies g/way? Details on the blog.

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

I have never seen or heard of them so thanks for the update on the latest toy ;)

Alyssa said...

Those really are cute! I haven't seen those yet.