August 1, 2010

The Beach! The Real ECA Day 5...

Oops! I've gotten a little ahead of myself and completely omitted stories and pictures from Wednesday of our trip. I will post it as new for now, and attempt to fix the order of things a bit later.

Wednesday, we decided to check out a different stretch of beach in Dennis. We heard that Corporation Beach was a nice one for kids, and had restroom facilities and concessions. I'm really glad we went. Since this beach is bay side, the water is a bit warmer and the waves are relatively gentle. Also, as the tide goes out, the beach grows very large. Sassy had a fabulous time!

We paid $20 to park for the day, but it was worth it for the time we had. I also really liked the fact that this beach was manned with lifeguards. You just never know. If the thought of attempting a water rescue in a pool isn't enough to make me nauseous, the ocean is a whole other thing.

Sassy went straight to work, playing with her bucket. There weren't nearly as many seashells at this beach, but she still found a good sue for it:

The ridges in the sand where the water receded felt so good on our feet. I could have spent the day walking back and forth along this portion of the beach. Sassy thought it was pretty cool, too!

Really, she just thought the ocean was pretty cool:

She insisted on making sand angels. I had to force myself to deal with my disdain for all things sand-related and smile as she enjoyed her experience, trying not to think too hard about the millions of grains of sand I would be futilely attempting to rinse out of her hair in the future.

She was very proud of her work:

We spent numerous trips back and forth from our beach spot to the water to the sand to the water...

When we got a bit hungry, we headed up for a snack. I let Sassy pick out any treat she wanted, regardless of whether it contained chocolate or red dye or the like. She chose a Dora ice cream treat. I ordered a clam strip "roll", intrigued by what the heck that even was. Basically, "rolls" are very popular here, and the consist of the listed protein in a hot dog bun. Interesting. The funniest part- Sassy scarfed down my clam strips by the handful. Really??? Never would have thought in a million years...

We played a bit more at the beach, and the sun finally started to get to us. Sassy put her swimsuit cover-up on, and I had to capture a picture of her by the dunes...

We headed back to the cottage, showered, and rested. What a great day we'd had so far!

For dinner, we went to Captain Frosty's for some sea fare and a sweet treat. Sassy and I shared a lobster roll (not my cup of tea) and grilled scallop skewers (Mmmmm...). Apparently, she likes seafood!

After dinner, we ordered some frozen yogurt with granola and sat out by the hydrangeas. It was so beautiful out there!

It was a complete coincidence that I packed so much blue for Sassy to wear this trip, but between the ocean water and the gorgeous blue skies and the fabulous array of blue and purple hydrangeas, it sure did make for some nice pictures!

God, I ♥ this girl!

Some days, I just can't get over how lucky I am to have two incredibly smart, funny, and beautiful daughters. I am so grateful to have been able to spend this week with my Sassy, and I look forward to taking a Mommy-Daughter trip somewhere equally as fantastic when Little A gets a bit older.

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I know everyone says this, but your pictures are AWESOME!!!