August 11, 2010


Despite the insane amount of traveling our family did so far this summer, we still had one special trip up our sleeve... a trip to Minnesota to visit Ty's family. None of them had seen the girls since Christmas time, so we were excited to make this trip happen.

We headed to Mankato Thursday morning. As always, we spent a good portion of the day in the car. By the time we arrived, we had just enough time to play out back with the girls, enjoy a couple of cold beverages, and grill before it was time to head to sleep.

Friday morning, Tyler spent some time with his brother and Grandma spent some quality time with the girls while I was afforded the opportunity to do a bit of solo shopping... ahhhh!

Once afternoon hit, we packed up the car and followed Ty's parents up to New London to stay with Ty's aunt & uncle in their lakefront home for a couple of nights. Tyler's Grandma was also staying up there from Iowa Falls, so it was a nice little reunion. Tyler's Grandma was celebrating her birthday Friday, as well, so it was nice that the girls were able to share in her special day.

Friday evening, we headed out to Neer park to see the Little Crow Ski Team performance, which Tyler's cousin Ryan is a part of. The girls oohed and ahhed over the pyramids and jumps and "water ballerinas". Afterwards, we had pizza and caught up for a bit before heading to bed.

When we awoke Saturday morning, we were disappointed to see rain and clouds and lightening. We feared our day at the lake was in jeopardy, but found some other activities to keep us busy. Tyler;s Mom and I rode into town to browse in a few shops and visit Aunt Kay at work at the quilt shop. Tyler's Aunt Kay is fantastically skilled at quilting and does phenomenal work out of her home, as well as in the shop. By the time we returned home, it was sunny and beautiful and the girls were so excited to get outside!

While Little A napped, Sassy had a nice time swimming with Dad, Grandma, and Great Grandma off the dock... I stayed on dry land, but had a great time, nonetheless:

After a quick swim, Uncle Bud took us out on the speedboat for some tubing and water skiing. I am so sore from it, I can't even begin to describe the feeling. You know when you use muscles you never thought you even had... yeah. That's me. Tyler took Sassy on the tube, originally intending for her to just barely be pulled along. Well, before too long, she was yelling Faster, Faster, and they actually went tubing. A bit to my dismay, if I may add, as I see her little head bouncing up and down like a rag doll, but she was having a blast, and no permanent damage was done... I hope. I try to let go a bit in situations like these, but it's so hard!

Of course, I have no photos from this portion of our day, because I am way too paranoid to take my camera onto a speedboat. That's crossing the line, even for me!

After our return, Little A was awake, and Ty and his Mom took the girls for a swim again...

...and so began Kid Toss 2010. The girls were squealing with glee, and it was so fun to watch. Tyler's Dad was resting in the recliner in the walk-out basement, and he commented how every now and then, he would just see a child fly over the hill in the horizon. Too funny!

Sassy gained some pretty awesome height, if I do say so myself...

Did I mention the day turned out to be gorgeous??

After all the swimming and boating and tubing, there was nothing left to do besides eat corn.

After dinner, the whole am went out on the pontoon to watch sunset.

Put the kids to bed, drank some wine, enjoyed the fresh cool air (Thank God for Minnesota summer nights)...

Sunday morning, Grandpa helped Sassy attempt fishing again. They tried Saturday morning just as the rain let up, but did not catch anything. Sassy was pretty excited, and even chose her worm:

And, they fished...

...and they fished a while longer...

Finally, Sassy had to take a bathroom break. No sooner did she head up the dock towards the house did she hook a fish. Deciding the bathroom break had to wait, she dashed back towards Grandpa to reel in her catch. Unfortunately, the fish got caught up int eh dock ladder, so she watched her fish (still hooked) as Daddy dashed inside, changed into his swim trunks, and dashed back out to jump in and rescue the fish. Yeah.

Sassy was SO proud, and the fish was none the worse for wear (at least I'd like to believe...)

Little A decided to join in the fishing fun:

The girls were on a fish-catching roll. They caught perch, sunfish, and what we affectionately deemed bait. I was shocked that the girls were so willing to touch the fish. Eeeewww. They practically fought over who got to toss the fish tack into the water.

I don't think Little A could have been any cuter if she tried...

What can I say- my girls ♥ fishing!

We hung around until just after lunch time, said our good-byes, and made the 2.5 hour drive back to Ty's parents. We worked on laundry and packing while the girls chased the neighbor dog feverishly around the yard...

And played with sticks and stones and other treasures...

Little A was asleep by the time Uncle Adam returned home from work, but Sassy had the chance to spend some extra time with her uncle.

Ty and I stayed up for a long while talking with Adam about life and all kinds of important things. We stayed up way too late, considering what time we planned to leave int he morning, but it was really nice to catch up!

We spent the entire day Monday driving back to the good ole' sweltering August heat Kansas had to offer. We had a fantastic trip, but as always, it was good to be home.

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