August 26, 2010

Giddy For Fall...

This little change in temperature has been just enough to send me into full-blown over-the-moon happiness and excitement for fall to come.

Pumpkin Patches.
Apple Picking.
Leaves Turning.
Sweatshirt Weather.
Windows Open.
Fall Scentsy Burning Away.
Chilis and Soups and Crock Pot Meals.
Bales of Hay.
GREAT Sleeping Weather.
Pumpkin Bread.

All in all, serenity for ME! I ♥ fall!

Who's with me?

4 sweet tweets:

Shaila said...

I love fall too but I'm already missing the 100 degree weather we had going! I must admit I love summer more than anything. I love the heat, salads, evenings outside... And besides, I'm already freezing when I walk my kid to the bus stop in the morning when it's 60 degrees out. I'm dreading winter and fall is just one step away from winter. Bring on the pumpkin patches and soup though!

Alyssa said...

Yes, yes, yes! The coolness in the air and school starting is making it seem like fall is already here. I am so tempted to start putting out my fall decor!

rduxler said...

I'm with you on all of the above. I think all of the seasons have something about them that makes them fun and something to look forward too, but both early fall and early summer (before it gets TOO hot) are probably my favorite times of year... probably because the weather is almost perfect... and in Kansas it is SO rare. ;) I too am really looking forward to pumpkin patches, apple picking... really just being able to spend time outdoors in comfort!

Elainne F said...

ME!! ME!!! ME!!!!