January 10, 2009

Band-Aid Wars

If you've never tested the will of a 2-year-old who's under the weather, then you are truly missing out on some fun, let me tell you. So, you all heard about our blood-drawing fiasco yesterday. Well, now Sassy is treating her draw sites as if the are gaping wounds that are rapidly exuding blood by the pint. She truly believes it will be the bane of her existence if one of these band-aids comes off. Ever.

So, today was day 3 with no bath for Miss Sassy. Hey, we're sick here. Anyway, I decided that the filth had gone on long enough and insisted that it must be bath day. Now, on any normal occasion, Sassy is all about the bath. In fact, in her bathroom sat a brand new bottle of My Little Pony bubbles, seeing as we just ran out of the Strawberry Shortcake ones. So, this would usually be the perfect set-up for 2-year-old bliss.

Yeah, in a perfect world, maybe...

Sassy refused her bath. She screamed. She cried. She pleaded. She gagged. She had her arms entrenched to her sides to make it impossible to lift off her nightgown. I tried to reason with her, I did. I gave her choices. I did whatever I could think of, and she just became more and more hysterical. As I expected, the reason behind this debacle was that Sassy did NOT want her band-aid to be removed. Or fall off. Or get wet. I assured her that we could put on a new band-aid after her bath, but that was not good enough. Apparently, her arm "stills hurt" and the band-aid prevents her from feeling any pain. Man, I need to market these magic band-aids and make them available to the masses. I could be rich!

Well, she finally settled on taking a bath in "mommy's baftub" as long as I promised (to try) not to get her band-aids wet. I Basically had to give her a sponge bath and had her hold her arms to the sides as I rinsed her hair to protect their dryness. Whew- after all that, I was exhausted! Hopefully, they will "fall off" in her sleep so that we don't have to do this over again tomorrow!

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