January 3, 2009

Chicago Trip Part II/Christmas Part XII

After a nice, long rest Tuesday night, we awoke to the reality that it was Christmas Eve... already! Ty took Sassy outside straightaway to take advantage of the snow. They built a snowman in no time, and then, at Sassy's request, a snowdog took shape as well. They even went on the property behind my parents house to find some genuine snowman arms. Their creation turned out very cute.

Later, Ty and I took a trip up to Gurnee to buy the thing so we could make our homemade Christmas gifts for everyone- bags of puppy chow with angel ornament tie-ons. We also made a hellacious stab at Gurnee Mills on Christmas Eve in search of mammoth Crocs for my mom, from my dad and uncle. Way to wait 'til the last minute, boys. That place was a nightmare, but we managed to get what we needed and head home.

My family goes out to eat every year on Christmas Eve. We usually go to a fancy, dressy steak house, but in the spirit of scaling back, we were dead set on some Mexican food. I kept asking my mom if she had called to check their hours, and she kept reassuring me it would be fine. I bet you can see where this story is heading... Needless to say, our restaurant of choice closed at 2 pm, so we ended up meeting my dad at Lonestar, instead. It was tasty, Sassy and Little A were behaved, all was well.

We returned home to get the girls in their new Christmas jammies, make puppy chow and angel ornaments, and bake cookies for Santa. Sassy was very excited about this- she made sure she left plenty for Santa, and we had to leave carrots for the reindeer, too. She was pretty anxious to go to bed so that Santa could visit, and we turned in for the night soon after.

At last, only one more Christmas entry to come!

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Mae said...

Is Sassy choking Little A in that picture?! :) Poor little sister. The girls are super-cute in their jammies. So glad you made it back safely. Hope to see you soon!