January 9, 2009

Still Sick...

Sassy in her "sickbed", i.e. the corner of mommy's bed, watching her shows...

When will it end?!? Saying that this week has been trying is probably the understatement of the century. I know I'm fairly new at this mom thing, but I swear, if I had to name one parenting issue that tests your strength, resolve, patience, and selflessness, it is dealing with a sick child.

Since Monday, Sassy has been running very high fevers (103-104.5 range) and complaining of a constant tummy ache along with spurts of chills, headaches, cough, and just general malaise. She has forgotten how to speak the English language... her new tongue can be refereed to as 'Whinese'. She has been in a constant state of wanting to be held. Or, as she says, "Hold you, Mommy". When she is too busy with something else (most likely watching the Tinkerbell movie for the 87th time or rotating through countless Sprout and Noggin shoes on the DVR), she resorts to subconsciously moaning and groaning at a level just audible enough to rub your nerves. It's pathetic, really.

She will wake up from a dead sleep and pull her knees to her chest and scream that her "tummy's hurt". The only thing that makes it feel better is "fresh ice cold water" sips and gentle rubbing by... you guessed it. Oh, and when I say fresh, ice cold water, that means fresh water with ice... each time... even at 3 a.m.

I really have been concerned with her sickness this time. She has literally eaten maybe 3 snacks since Monday- no meals at all. She is just miserable and very lethargic and unlike her Sassy self. So, we made it into the Dr's office again today. Of course, they had to do blood work. Of course, they stuck her twice. Of course, they blew her vein. Of course, they did not collect one drop of blood...poor girl. I was SO mad, too. One of ladies that was drawing her actually took a step back from Sassy on stick #2- with a needle suspended from her arm- and put her hands over her ears because Sassy screamed so loud. Are you kidding me? Really? I'm sorry it was so hard for you to withstand my child's screaming as you proceed to jack up her arm in a futile attempt to do your job. I know kids can be a hard stick... I've done them. Misses are inevitable, but that kind of action is inappropriate! I about lost it.

So it was off to the lab for round 2. Luckily, since it is on site for testing, a finger stick was within reason, and that was (somewhat) more tolerable. Anyway, Dr. got back to us right away and said that it was definitely looking viral and we would have to bring her back tomorrow if she had a rough night or Monday if she was still symptomatic to make sure it's not EBV. Or to make sure it is... however you want to look at it. I mean, there's not much they will do, but at least we will know why the symptoms are prolonged like that. So, we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully she will improve a whole bunch over the weekend- she has already been through the ringer enough!

Wish us luck!

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