January 11, 2009

Sweet Little A

Amidst all the travel craze and sickness over the past few weeks, I have found it easy to focus my blogger attention on these pressing issues. Today, I would like to offer a breath of fresh air and focus on my sweet little one.

Little A is getting to be such a big girl. I CANNOT believe she is going to be five months old shortly. Those were the quickest five months of my life, by far! She is a very sweet girl, gentle-natured and content most of the time.

She loves her papasan swing, she loves to have little conversations filled with coos and giggles, and she loves her big sister, Sassy! She has recently started to enjoy sitting up in her BebePod. She is starting to hold toys more and more, and she is still loving on her middle two fingers! No "bippies" for this girlie.

The one way she really keeps us on our toes is with those diapers. Man, she is a powerful pooper... and she likes to keep it exciting by pooping whenever we are out. She has had many a bath in a sink at a restaurant or store or airport. No kidding.

Enjoy some recent pictures of Little A:

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Whitney said...

Your little girl is too cute!!!! Time does fly!
Found your blog throgh Mrs. Stilettos!