January 29, 2009


For those of you concerned, it looks like we will be okay for today. It may not be the end of the lay-offs, but for now, it's looking positive for us. Thanks for all your support!
We are a little stressed out here in Kansas. This is a news story in reference to the email Tyler received this morning. Please pray that we will maintain enough to sustain our family, lay-off or not. We knew this was coming, and the outlook is a little more bleak today.

This picture made me smile today. I know they are what really matter.

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Mrs. Hibit said...

I'm employed by another Kansas corporation that just announced some major layoffs. I've survived a few rounds over the years, and have learned that there is no good in worrying over the unknown. Try to stay positive!

Sarah said...

Great news! Dustin showed me that story first thing this morning and said, "I hope Tyler's job is OK". These are scary times and the truth is you never know what the future holds for anyone's job. I'm glad it looks good for your family!