January 6, 2009

Fun with family & friends/Chicago Part V

Our Chicago trip was coming to a close. Christmas was over, the hoopla was (almost) over, and things were finally starting to settle down. Well, not exactly. Sunday, we decided to add a little more excitement into our lives. We drove back down to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe's to spend the day. Miranda, Jay, and the girls decided to take a trip in since it was the only time we were able to see them this trip. Plus, none of my family had met the twins yet, so it was the perfect opportunity! The Bears game was set for noon, so we made it a football shindig like we are famous for!

Sassy had so much fun playing dress-up with Miranda's two oldest girls. I'm going have to come up with some nicknames for them- TBA. I think the twins will be, in dearest terms, Thing 1 and Thing 2 (I do ♥ me some Dr. Seuss). Anyway, Sassy & the elders had a swinging good time. We even got all 6 girls together for some pictures. Here's the closest I could find to any feeling of semblance:

Sunday night, we attempted to watch Mama Mia and crashed pretty early. Well, ok, I crashed about 22 minutes into the movie. Unfortunately, Little A did NOT sleep well while her daddy was gone- I think she could tell. So, needless to say, I was exhausted. Monday, Kait, the girls, & I met Kelli for lunch at another Chicago fav- Flat Top Grill. It's similar to BD's Mongolian BBQ or HuHot with the addition of something spectacular- roti bread. It is honestly a blessing that I could never come close to making it at home because I would definitely weigh an additional 100 pounds. Yum! Something about those grill places really appeals to me.

Anyway, after lunch, Kait and I took Sassy and Little A to see The Tale of Despereaux. I found it to be really cute. Sassy liked it a lot. All she could tell anybody afterwards was that she "saw mouses" and "ate popcown, too"! We had some Christmas leftovers for dinner, and I was off to pick up Ty at O'Hare. His flight got in on time, and we had no travel problems... what a concept!

Tuesday morning, we played a few rousing rounds of Wii Fit and headed to Evanston so that my dad could show the girls off to his co-workers. Sassy kept asking when we were going to go see Graycop at work, so she was super excited to finally go. Everyone at Lemoi thought they were the best things since sliced bread, so I was glad, for my dad's sake, that we made the trip. Bonus- Gigio's Pizza. Nothing like looking forward to supposed "New York Style" pizza in the Chicago metro, but hey... something about those big, cheesy slices (God, am I a foodie, or what?? Only when I'm home, I swear!)...
Our trip wrapped up with my inescapable trip to see Nikki at NUTS for a haircut and highlights, some of Uncle rick's world-famous chili, a decent night's sleep, and a smooth flight home Wednesday (Happy New Years Eve)!

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