January 8, 2009

The Holiday Letdown

Fourteen posts filled with Christmas? Seriously?!? No wonder we are all experiencing a bit of the post-holiday blues. I am still getting used to the fact that our upcoming calendar is relatively empty. I can't tell you how many weeks straight we went with our weekend calendar packed along with several things to do during the week... it just feels weird.

It's no help that we have all been sick. Yes, it's a good thing that I had so much catching up to do because there hasn't been much going around this house. Ty came down with some flu-like sickness right as he returned from the cruise, and Little A and I have had some mild fevers and body aches. Sassy is a mess, though. She has been running high temps since Monday night. Her fever reached a whopping 104.5 axillary, which is pretty insane. I cannot even imagine how she feels. She has a tummy ache, and her "eyebwow" hurts, which after extrapolation, means she has a headache (I think)...

We have spent the entire week going stir crazy. I know it's bad when I can sing the words to the theme song of Backyardigans and the closer to Dora, the Explorer- Spanish and all. I made the mistake of showing Sassy that we could do things together on the computer, and now she is obsessed! We found a Disney website where you can create your own fairy- choose her skin, her hair, her clothes, her wings, the position her arms and legs, etc. Oh, and you choose her name from an extensive list of first names, as well as equally extensive lists of words you can put together for last names. The possibilities seem endless, especially when you have to read them out loud 100 times for your 2-year-old. Almost worth it when you hear the names they choose! So, in closing, I introduce you to Sassy's 3... yes, 3... fairy creations:

Apricot Copperplume

Lark Parsleystem

Ginger Sugarblossom

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