January 7, 2009

The Holiday Finale/Christmas Part XIV

Our little family had one more taste of Christmas on New Years Eve when we rolled back inside. We came in through the garage, as to avoid the front room, and laid Sassy and Little A straight down for naps. I felt SO guilty because we had turned our heat way down while we were gone, and we forgot to ask our dog-sitters to readjust the thermostat for when we arrived home. I think it was set at 50 degrees or so. It was a bit chilly, and we didn't even have any firewood to start a fire. Oops.

We strategically arranged Santa gifts under the tree and ensured Santa and the reindeer had left a visible trail, which they did (Thanks, Santa). When the girls woke up, Sassy ran to see if Santa had really known to come to our house even though we were out of town for Christmas. She was truly impressed that this occurred, and we kept reminding her it was because she was such a good girl. That may have backfired on us, because now she goes around bragging that Santa "bwought me pwesents cuz I is such a good girl"...

The girls loved everything! Sassy got her Rose Petal Cottage and Cherry Blossom Market, plus a dollhouse. Little A got a drum set, a ball game, a tickle me cookie monster and a musical cube. Both girls got the Scholastic Storybook DVD collection to share, as well as a ride-on dinosaur. Or, "dinowars", as Sassy likes to call it. That girl has a ♥ for dinosaurs, and she has always said the word funny. Maybe she is trying to say dino-horse, I am not really sure, but it's funny either way.

So, that about wraps up our first Christmas as a family of four. We had a great season, filed with lots of fun family activities. I can't wait until next year... well, maybe I can wait a little!

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