January 20, 2009

The Concrete Tunnels

There is a little park near our house that Sassy just loves to play at. It's not a fancy park, nor is it modern by any stretch of the imagination. It has a small area with a few swings and a simple slide, plus an old metal merry-go-round. The thing Sassy loves most, though, are a group of concrete pipes that have been painted and set up for the kids to climb through.

Yesterday, since Ty had the day off, we took a walk to this park. Charlie & Bumper joined us, and of course we attracted two stray dogs on the way there. They were lab mixes, and they seemed friendly enough, but I am a freak about unleashed dogs, and the last thing I wanted were these dogs stalking us and trying to go by the girls. I mean, you never know what any dog will do, let alone a strange dog. Ugh...

Anyway, we weren't able to stay at the park for long because Little A was not enjoying herself much- it was fairly chilly and very windy, so I can't really blame her. Here are a few pictures to take a look at:

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