January 26, 2009

Bear Feels Sick, and other musings

Oh, Sassy has been on point the last few days! It's really fun to see her creativity and imagination flourish, but she is making me tired!

Yesterday, we were cleaning Little A's nursery, and Sassy found a ginormous teddy bear that was sitting in there. Of course, she had to play with it on the spot. So, she took bear to her room, and we continued to clean. A little while later, Tyler told me that I had to peek in her room and see what she was up to. She had bear lying on the floor, covered in blankets, and she was reading him... none other than Bear Feels Sick.

I asked her what was wrong with bear, and she told me, "his tummies hurt". I love the way she says that instead of 'his tummy hurts'. I will be so sad when she stops saying her quirky little backwards phrases.

Then, all of a sudden, she jumps up with bear and exclaims, "He has to frow up"! I giggled and couldn't wait to see what was to follow. Sassy takes him across the bedroom to the dollhouse, pulls the dollhouse bathtub onto the floor, and positions bear so that he will throw up in the bathtub. It was SO funny. Yes, because we always throw up in the bathtub around here! I am guessing this stems from the last time Sassy was sick. I told her that if she felt like she needed to throw up, we should run to the bathroom.

Another thing we have been doing lots of is "going shoppin". She has a grocery cart and a Cherry Blossom Marketplace in the basement, but she would much rather shop upstairs and "just pweetend". We go to one corner of the room, which is the "Gwocewy store". She instructs me to put imaginary chicken in the imaginary cart. Then she pushes it a few feet and tells me to get some eggs. This goes on for a while...

Then, we go across the bedroom to "Target". She informs me that clothes are on the list to buy. We need to pick out a dress for her, but Little A gets, "pants... and a shirt". So, I play along and point out a pretty dress on the wall, and she grabs it. Well, when it comes time to get Daddy "somefin", I show her a green shirt on the wall that he would just love. She agrees. I suggest that she put it into the cart, but she says, "It's too high. I can't weach". Seriously?!? Well, allow me to retrieve the imaginary article of clothing... by all means!

Lastly, she said something really funny this morning. We were getting ready to go to Sam's Club, and I was getting her to put on her coat. She has several coats, and each one has a different name- winter coat, kitty coat, princess coat, etc. Well, she has a little plaid pea coat, and that is what Tyler and I refer to it as. I was helping her get the pea coat on this morning, and she says to me, "This is my winter coat, mama. This is NOT my peacock coat"! Oh, it was good.

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TuTu's Bliss said...

I'm going to miss those silly phrases. My little sang "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Gently on the way.." I loved it so much that I refused to correct her! Feel free to join in on your two cents..give your two cents on anything and jump in anytime!!

Faith said...

Your kiddos are so cute!!

Thanks for stopping by! So glad you want to play along in the letter tag. How about the letter H? Have fun!