December 15, 2010

Do You Know the Cookie Man?

I think I do. And he lives here in the SPH!

Last Wednesday, a group of girls and I got together for our annual holiday cookie swap. It's great fun- we bring snacks and wine to share, sample every one's cookies, and vote on our favorites.

The competition was tough this year. Everyone brought their A-game.

Oh, there were cookies. Sixteen varieties in all. Yep, I tried every single one. The thought is sickening, I know.

The decision was a tough one. My personal favorites {while they were all delicious} were Mandy's reindeer treats, MKG's Spiced Rum Balls, and Shawna's surprise cookies! Lucky for all of us, Renee didn't show up with her vegan-flax-seed-increased-milk-production-I-don't-know-what-they're-called-tiny-morsels-of-goodness, or we'd all have been in a world of trouble!

As luck would have it, my Tyler's cookie was chosen as the big winner this year! I'm telling you, nothing beats good ole' Scottish Shortbread. Well, unless you make it fancy and dip it in mint chocolate...

Yes, yes... Tyler was proud. Don't let him fool you. I shared with the girls his text message just as I was leaving... "Well, did we win??"

The competition is fun. The prizes are great. But, nothing beats this:

This is why I ♥ our cookie swap each year. This is why I enjoy my friends so much. This.

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Sherry said...

My mouth is literally watering as I look at those pictures of pure goodness!! I wished I would have been there this year, I remember last year I went home about 5lbs heavier but it was worth every pound!! Congrats to Tyler! You should post the recipe here!

Tyler said...

Mint Chocolate Shortbread

1 C butter softened
½ C Sugar
1 t vanilla
2 C flour
½ C unsweetened chocolate chips melted (for chocolate shortbread)
2 Cup Andies Mints melted

Make one batch regular shortbread and one batch chocolate
1) Beat butter and sugar until smooth.
2) Add vanilla
3) slowly add flour until mixed
4) Shape into a ball and refrigerate for 30 min.
5) Roll out each batch of shortbread into equal sized quarter inch thick rectangles
6) Layer the shortbread, cut in half and layer again
7) Refrigerate 2 hours min
8) Cut loaf into ~ 2” log and slice ¼” thick
9) 2” apart on cookie sheet Bake 350 Deg 8-10 min
10) let cool completely, dip in Andies Mint, cool on wax paper

Sarah said...

I love the cookie swap, too! And just like you, of course we love the cookies, but I love the friends and holiday cheer the most! Alright, maybe I like the wine, too :)

Kendra said...

Awww... just another time where I so wish we lived closer =).I would have invited myself to that, and worn stretchy pants!!!

Anonymous said...

I could seriously overdose at the cookie swap. If anybody sends food to my new house I will freak the hell out. UNDERSTAND?

danielle @ take heart said...

this is so fun! i want to do it…and eat all those cookies.

i hope you do the list, it was fun for me to do! and i'd love to read yours :)

rduxler said...

So sad to have missed this! :( Oh, and I'm working on a blog post with the 'lactation' cookies recipe and will post soon!