December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend...

The rest of our Thanksgiving Day weekend was delightful!

Friday, we had the chance to spend some time with Ty's family. We took the girls swimming at the hotel where they were staying. Actually, I dropped Ty and the girls off at the hotel at around 9:30 AM and shot over to Target to take advantage of a few Black Friday deals. Basically, I bought several movies we didn't need and an extra larger memory card for my camera.

This is what Sassy decided to wear to the hotel. Oh, that girl...

Once I was finished at Target, I rejoined the fam to watch the girls swim. Tried to take some pictures... It was approximately 987 degrees in that room, and the condensation got the best of my lens.

After the girls had their fill of swimming and splashing, we all headed back to the house to have lunch- Thanksgiving leftovers, of course. We spent some time visiting, and when Tink napped in the afternoon, my Mom stayed with her while the rest of us went to see Harry Potter 7.1. Tyler and I had already seen it, and Tyler and his Grandma ended up going to see Morning Glory instead. I tried to convince Sassy to see that instead, but she was set on seeing HP. She has seen a couple of the first movies, and done fine, but this one has some scary scenes. She covered her eyes a couple of times, and I did so as well in one particularly frightening scene, but she really liked it. She was able to recap the plot and list the good guys and the bad guys. It was a tough parenting decision for us, but it all ended up fine. In retrospect, I don;t know that I should have allowed her to see the film, but she has had no lasting effects, thankfully!

After the movie, we went to Red Robin with Tyler's family for dinner and came back to the house to say our good-byes, as they were leaving for Iowa and Minnesota early Saturday morning.

Saturday, we took the girls to story time at Barnes & Noble to benefit the high school in our town, and we did a but of holiday shopping. Tink was overjoyed to see Miss Debbie, and the girls made some great reindeer crafts to bring home.

Later in the day, Tyler finally put lights up om the outside of the house! We have had lights for at least two years, but every single year, I forget to buy the little light clips until it is too late and they are sold out everywhere. Well, this year, I remembered, so Tyler tackled that project during nap time...

While Ty worked on that, Sassy spent some time panting. She is really into her arts & crafts things lately. She does such a nice job!

And, what was I up to, you ask? Preparing the house for Christmas decorating! It's sad to say goodbye to my mantle birds and my log vases, but we must make room for other exciting things!

Sassy also decided to do some work on her bedroom. First, she asked if we could hang the adorable picture she brought home from preschool right before Thanksgiving. When I pulled it out of her backpack, my heart about melted. Sassy sure does love her baby cousin, and I can't wait for her to see him again after Christmas!

She also did some straightening of the 7,462 guys on her bed:

And, she made a special Christmas tree for her bedroom from a craft kit we bought the girls at Target. It turned out very cute!

After a while, Sassy decided she really wanted to do her holiday shopping. Last year, we took some money out of her piggy bank, and she made a list of all the people she wanted to buy gifts for. Remember?

Well, she did the same this year. She took out a bit more money this year ($87), but she also had a larger list to buy for. Tyler and I also chose to replace the money again this year. She has been saving hard for her trip to visit the princesses, and hopefully that is a trip we can make in the next year or so. I want her to have that money in her piggy bank.

Anyways, Sassy and I went to Kohl's and Target. She chose every last gift herself, and really put a lot of thought into what each person would most like. We wrapped a few when we got home, and put them aside the place under the tree when the time came.

Unfortunately, Sassy remembered leaving her pink LuLu purse that Nana bought her from TJ Maxx at the checkout counter at Kohl's. After a few phone calls and a return trip with Daddy to search for it, it was not recovered. While the contents were meager (a princess lip gloss and a lucky "dragon tear" stone), her little heart was pretty broken. Although a valuable lesson was learned, it's moments like this that make me want to do anything to right the situation. I'm sure you fellow mamas can relate...

All in all, we had a very busy, festive Friday & Saturday here in the SPH. We'll cover Sunday in tomorrow's post!

{day 1}: The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Spectacular remains open! Look out for {day 2} this afternoon...

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Kendra said...

Oh fun! I avoided black friday for a number of reasons, and unneeded movies was one of them! I can't resist a good deal on a movie.

I love that little tree Sassy made! Cute!!