December 14, 2010

Lanie Love...

Last week, my Mom and I took Sassy out for a special girls night. Sassy is hugely interested in American Girl dolls, and she is also getting really into reading chapter books with me. we started Matilda this summer on our Cape Cod trip, and it went really well!

Anyway, a couple weeks back, I was looking at the Watermark Books website at book clubs for my Mom. I saw that Jane Kurtz, the author of the Lanie books for American Girl, resides in Lawrence and was making a stop at Watermark for a book signing. How neat!

I talked with Sassy about it, we discussed what an author was, and she decided that she really wanted to go. So, we did. We purchased a Lanie book at Watermark so she could get it signed. The girls were also encouraged to bring any existing American Girl dolls they had already, so Sassy brought one of her Bitty Twins, since she doesn't have a full-sized doll yet. Sassy painstakingly chose an outfit for her doll. This was important stuff, after all.

She was so excited!

In true Sassy fashion, she grew more nervous and more shy as we crossed the room and the time grew closer to meet Ms. Kurtz. By the time it was Sassy's turn, she looked like she was going to throw up. Poor girl!

Ms. Kurtz put on a fascinating presentation about her childhood abroad, her inspirations as a writer, and her passion for a program called Ethiopia Reads, and the importance of reading together with your children. We purchased raffle tickets in support of this organization, with hopes of winning something from here:

We didn't win, but that was OK. Sassy was able to learn what it meant to give to a non-profit, and what that money would be used for. We had a really nice time!

Afterwards, we grabbed some dessert, stopped at TJ Maxx, and called it a night. I ♥ my girl!!

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Sherry said...

My niece would have LOOOOOOVED to see the American Girl author. She's totally into that too! Glad Sissy had a great time and yes, she did look a little pale in her author picture. ;)

Anonymous said...

How neat!

Kendra said...

What a FUN night out. I love how you spend so much time doing things with your girls, both together and individually. It is inspiring. I want to do the same kinds of things with my kids as they grow- and before they become teenagers and too cool for me =)