December 28, 2010

On Christmas Day.

We had a beautiful, intimate Christmas Day celebration here in the SPH. Sassy came barreling in to make us up at about 7:45... way later than I expected her to wake us! She was shrieking {in a good way, of course} that Santa had been here, and we must.come.QUICK!

Do you think she was pretty excited?

We couldn't even contain them long enough for the grandparents to get upstairs... they tore over to the big, unwrapped gifts that Santa had left for them. Tink got a kitchen and Sassy got a standing jewelry box for her bedroom...

Once Nana & Graycop were upstairs, we all opened our stockings. The girls were stuffed to the gills!

And, so began the spattering of gift after gift after gift. Sassy got all the things she asked for from Santa- Moxie girls, a robe, and a T-Rex book. there were also some surprises int here. Tink got a 4-box kitchen accessory kit and Sassy got an American Girl doll bed. Santa, that silly old guy, brought the girls a donut maker, too. He must know how much they love DONUT PARTIES for breakfast every once in awhile {have I failed to mention that tradition??}

After the girls finished opening their gifts, and following a round of heavy-duty clean-up, we had a wonderful breakfast of MckMama's steel cut oats and we even tried out the donut maker. Yum!

Tyler and I planned and shopped for our dinner menu ahead of time {of course}, but we hadn't decided if we were going to do a late lunch or a dinner. The four adults discussed things a bit after breakfast as the girls played with their new toys, and we opted for a regular dinner-time dinner. My Dad offered to take us out for lunch, and we figured... why not? So, we did something I never, ever imagined we would do on Christmas Day...

HA! It was tasty, though, and one less mess to clean in the kitchen. I {of course} had to document the occasion...

...and my new necklace, Lisa Leonard's Through My Lens, from my Mom & Dad. ♥

After lunch, it was back home for more relaxing, playing with new toys, and the like. Tyler and I began cooking around 4:00, and it was nice to cook in peace & quiet {girls were occupied downstairs with their new stuff and the g'rents} over a glass of wine. Ahh... I'll share more about our dinner menu tomorrow...

Once we had finished dinner and dessert, we changed in our PJ's once again! Santa brought Sassy a matching nightgown set for her and Elizabeth, so of course she had to wear that. Tink decided to wear footie jammies like her baby, as well. Don't they just look the cutest?

We headed to the basement with our blankets in tow, and watched the copy of Christmas Vacation that Sassy bought Graycop for Christmas. Boy, did we ever have sugar plum dreams this night!

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