March 19, 2009

7 Months...

My sweet Little A is 7 months old! Here are some highlights... Little A:
♥ can sit up for very brief periods of time unassisted.
♥ is always looking for a toy. Some of her favorites are Mr. Banana, bunny, and carrot.
♥ is totally getting the hang of eating "real" food. She loves her rice cereal mixed with carrots and sweet potatoes. So far, she has not been so fond of the banana.
adores her big sister, Sassy. She will follow her every move around the room and just beams when Sassy pays attention to her!
♥ gets a kick out of raspberries- both giving and receiving them! This is the one thing that never fails to make her giggle.
♥ is still obsessed with the middle two fingers of her left hand as her "bippy", as Sassy would say.
♥ still has just those bottom two teeth, but many more look as if they could be making their entrance any day now.
♥ is sleeping more and more in her crib in her bedroom. She rarely sleeps in our room and hasn't napped in her swing in weeks.
♥ is generally just a very sweet, happy girl who brings us so much joy!

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Miranda said...

So Beautiful! Looks so much like mommy. I miss u guys.