March 31, 2009

Sassy Says, Part V

I am currently at my week-long training in KC for my new job. Yeah. It's been great so far, but I miss my girls like crazy!! (Duh). Thinking about Sassy, I thought it was time for another installment of Sassy says.

Warning- potty talk and potty humor lies ahead; weary souls beware.

So, when my mom was visiting, Sassy had a hard time pooping on the potty. She decided it would be a much better idea to go in her Pull-Up, and we had several discussions about the fact that big girls went in the potty and that she had to go in the potty and not her Pull-Up. I was visibly irritated after, oh, say, the 4th day of this, and Sassy asked me, "Are you happy, mama?" I had her bent over my knee to wipe her bottom, and I said, "No. It makes me very sad when you poop in your Pull-Up." Sassy then comes back with, "OK, Mommy... I will give you a hug when you are done wiping my butt." Oh, thanks, sweetie.

On to another potty story... Sassy was giving Tyler a hard time about sitting on the potty before they went to play outside. Tyler kept telling her that she needed to try to potty before they went, and Sassy kept saying that she didn't have to. Finally, Tyler told her that if she didn't sit and try, they would stay inside. She harrumphed and stomped to the bathroom to go potty. We were sitting in the front room waiting for her to finish, and we hear her yell out, "I'm done, Daddy! Are you happy now?" Yeah, she's two.

Right after my mom returned to Chicago, Sassy wanted to talk to Nana every chance she got. Usually, I just let her take the phone with her and don't pay too much attention. Well, I almost fell over laughing, because as she walks into her bedroom, she says, "See, Nana... my room is messy. I messed it up." She thought that if she walked into the bedroom with the phone in her hand, Nana would magically be able to see it. Ha!

One evening late last week, Tyler had an Optimist Club meeting, so I decided to rent Bolt for the girls and I to watch. Sassy sat completely still for 80% of the movie, and then she asked me if she could go up to her bedroom and get a "bippy". (Pacifier). I told her that it wasn't bedtime, so she couldn't have a bippy... those are the rules. About 5 minutes later, she asked again, and I told her no... again. She said, "But, mommy, I need a bippy so I can sit quietly through the movie!" Like she wasn't capable without one...

Then, just last weekend, we were outside playing in the snow. When we came back inside, I told Sassy that she needed to take every single baby and blanket (that happened to be strewn across the entire main floor) to her bedroom and put them where they belong. She said, "But, I need to clean my bedwoom." I said, "OK, then just pick them up and take them out of the front room, please." She then says to me, "I need to clean my bedwoom first so the babies have a place to sleep. Sound like a deal, mommy?" I was stunned. Did my two-year-old really just ask me if it sounded like a deal? Yeah... pretty sure she did.

Oh, and on one last note, she learned to say "What the hell" from a little boy at McDonald's. Joy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm SURE it was a little boy at MacDonalds.

Mama K said...

Oh my, that girl is too, too funny! Hope the training is going well!