March 13, 2009

Toddler Physiology

Actual conversation from the car last night:

Mommy: We need to go to the grocery store
Sassy: What's a gwocewy store?
Mommy: It's where we buy food.
Sassy: Why?
Mommy: So that we can eat.
Sassy: Why?
Mommy: So that we can live.
Sassy: Why?
Mommy: Because food gives our body energy.
Sassy: Why?
Mommy: Because, sweetie, our body needs energy to work.
Sassy: Oh. OK. I will put a cheewio in my mouf and it will work.
Mommy: Sounds good...

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Hopefully, we will have our computer and camera issues solved during the weekend sometime!

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Kendra said...

HA! She is too cute =)