March 2, 2009

Sassy Says, Part IV

Here are some of her winners from the past week or so:
I was asking her what she wanted for lunch last week. I suggested an ever famous PB&J. Her response... "I don't want penuhbudderanjelly. That's not helfy. I want macanwoni!".

Now that Little A is drinking from a bottle, Sassy wants to help me feed her all the time. I typically let her stand next to me and 'help' me prop up her bottle. Then, when she sees us feed Little A her cereal and carrots in the high chair, Sassy wants to help spoon feed her. We've been telling her that she's a great big sister, and that she can help us feed Little A when she gets older and it becomes easier. So... every 37 seconds, Sassy asks me, "Is she older now? Can I help you? She's older, mama"...

The other night when Ty went to his Coasters meeting, the girls and I ran a bunch of errands. We were in the car and trying to decide where to stop for dinner. I asked Sassy where she would like to go, and she totally cracked me up. She said, "Maybe Cimanim's (Cinnamon's). No, maybe Applebeast (Applebee's)". I though I heard her wrong, and I asked her again, and sure enough, she said she wanted to go to Applebeast. HA!

Last night, we were discussing movies, and I asked Sassy which movie was her favorite. She said, "Cindewella". I asked her what her next favorite movie was, and she said, "Sleeping Beauty". Noticing a trend, I asked her what her next favorite movie was. I swear to you, she stroked her chin and looked up at the ceiling and said, "Hmm... let's see... Beauty and the Beast!". Did my two-year-old really just say 'Hmm... let's see'? Yeah. She did.

Lastly, when I returned from Kansas City the other night, Sassy and I sat on the front room floor and I showed her a few things that I picked up for her and Little A. She, in true Sassy fashion, began stacking neat piles of clothing- one for her and one for Little A. I showed Sassy I dress I bought her, and she said she liked it. I asked her, "Do you know what those are," pointing at the tulip pattern on the dress. She said, "Yes. They are apples". I replied, "Sweetie those are flowers. They are called tulips". She answered, "No, mama, they are apples". OK... whatever.

So, then I show her the next dress, a yellow sundress with white daisies. I said to Sassy, "Aren't these flowers pretty"? She replied, "Those aren't flowers, mama, those are mushwooms". I give up...

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