March 10, 2009

Birthday Shenanigans...

I had a great birthday yesterday, so thanks everyone! I already told you all about the wonderful birthday gift Tyler bestowed upon me. I had the chance to play around with the camera a bit yesterday. My computer is on its last leg, so I don't think it wise to install any new software. Our new Dell should be here in a matter of days, so I will have to wait until then to share "new camera" pics.

We took a ride up to Wichita yesterday afternoon. We ran a couple of errands and then went to Red Robin for lunch. Both LMB (see footnote) and I both had our free birthday burger coupons to redeem. Of course, my mom and Lynzee are conniving and cruel, so they summonsed the wait staff to embarrass us both with song, dance, and ice cream sundaes. Fun times.

I received tons and tons of phone calls and facebook messages. A few e-cards and the like. What really made my day was the phone call at around 11:00 from one of my best, best friends from college... Bastian! He is back home in Germany and I don't get to speak with him nearly as often as I would like to. Sure enough, he waited until he got home from work to call me so that I would be awake! Loved it.

Miranda and the gang sent me some beautiful flowers for my birthday. It was a total surprise and really meant a lot to me. I hardly ever get to enjoy flowers, and I love seeing them every time I walk into the kitchen!

Finally, last night Tom and Lynzee took us all out to HuHot- one of my favorites! We ate us some stir-fry... and then some... and then some more. I dressed Little A up in an embarrassing adorable outfit and then enjoyed the expected attention! Lynzee made us a blackberry cobbler for dessert, and I was able to watch some "guilty pleasure" television before bed.

I have the best friends!

I have been trying to think up nicknames for Lynzee's girls. I now coin her oldest LMB- or Little Miss Brainy. She is super smart, super sassy, and Sassy's self-proclaimed "best fwiend". Oh, and she has a strange fixation on brains. She talks about them a lot.

For now, Lynzee's youngest will be referred to as Lu Lu. Short, sweet, simple.

4 sweet tweets:

SassyEngineer said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! Those flowers are so beatutiful. So do you know Erin?

Kendra said...

That sounds like a great birthday!!!! I am sooo with you on the singing and such being embarrassing..whenever I get carded on my birthday I always say "ok, I am gonna show you...but only if you promise not to sing to me!" HA!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

Glad you had a great time/day!

Mae said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday! BTW, the first time I heard of HuHot, I was told it was called "HoHut." Different kinda place, I think. ;)