March 18, 2009

Where Can I find the Time?

I have been a total bloggie slacker the past week or so. I've still been posting here and there, but I feel that there has been a lack of substance and thought. I'll tell you why... The culprit- my mother.

My mom came in on the 7th, and I just haven't had the time to gather my thoughts and sit at the computer long enough to write anything overly intelligent. We've been having a great time, though. I have quickly come to the conclusion that there are few things that make Sassy happier than a visit from Nana. Mind you, she has her so wrapped around her little finger, it's a bit sickening. I've been trying to explain to my mother that she really doesn't have to take every.single.last command from the 2-year-old to heart. Sassy is a natural born leader bossy as hell! She barks orders and Nana obeys. Oy!

Yesterday, for St. Patrick's Day, I made corned beef. I sheepishly admit that we skipped out on the cabbage this year. I make it every year, and we eat it, only to look extra forward to the leftovers the next day for scrumptious reubens. So, this year, we cut to the chase and skipped step one. I baked two big corned beef briskets in Guinness and brought them over to Tom & Lynzee's with all the sandwich fixins'. They were delish.

I also made homemade Irish soda bread. Let me preface this conversation by saying that Jewel Bake Shop's Irish soda bread is probably in my top 5 favorite foods EVER. So, this was my first stab at it. The bread was actually really good. A bit more savory than sweet compared to Jewel's, but I would definitely make it again.

Today, Sassy had no MDO because of spring break, so we took a trip up to Wichita to run some errands. I spoke to a lady about the details for Sassy's third birthday party- more details to come. We had some lunch, and now everyone is resting besides me! Oh, and I just realized about an hour ago that today is Little A's 7-month birthday. I will be sure and post a pick and milestones tonight!

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