March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday ~ Stellan Style!

MckMama's little MckMuffin, Stellan, continues to battle SVT and the consequences of his sweet little heart being in distress for so long. So, this Not Me! Monday is all about little Stellan!

I have not thought about Stellan every hour of every day since last Sunday when he entered the hospital.

I have not caught myself thinking about him many, many times when I hold my own Little A, only 2 months older than him.

I have not talked my husbands ear off nightly about Stellan, MckMama's blog, and SVT.

I did not coerce my Sassy into helping me make Stellan's name for the name gallery out of her precious cheerios. And, I did not make her wait patiently to photograph the name before I let her eat them.

I have not posted about Stellan this week... twice.

I have not said more prayers this week than I have in the past 5 years. Shame.

I do not wish more than anything that baby Stellan makes a miraculous turnaround... and quick. I do not wish the MckFamily the best.


The truth is, I wish nothing more than for Stellan's little heart to stop experiencing SVT. Pray. Pray. Pray. Hope. Wish. Whatever it is you do, please do it!

Prayers for Stellan


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6 sweet tweets:

Laura said...

I have prayed more in my life than ever and hit my knees for the first time this week for this little boy.

Kendra said...

Love it. I am praying too...sweet, sweet baby.

Mrs. Cline said...

Thank you for blessing MckMama and Stellan with your NMM!


Sonya said...

I love the cheerios!!

What is a kumquat, anyway?? said...

This is a beautiful post, Heather! I agree - it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with this little boy & his family so heavy on my heart! Big hugs to your sweet girls!

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

I LOVE when I come across bloggers who are also praying for Stellan -- I love what you did with the Cheerios :)

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