March 21, 2009

I ♥ my husband!

Mmmm... I am such a lucky girl. I have had such a fantastic weekend so far!

Last night, a few friends and I met at HuHot for dinner and then went to see The Reader. First off, I should probably just memorize that HuHot link... I must have posted it on this blog 5 times already. The movie was really interesting... not quite what I expected, especially the beginning, but a really good movie. Kate Winslet was really great. I haven't seen all of the rest of the nominated films, but she probably deserved the Oscar!

Then, tonight, Tyler surprised me with a "date". I don't know wy I just put that in quotations... that's what it was. The word "date" is just so far inclusion in my every day life nowadays, it seems more like a concept than an actual occurrence! We have a great little Italian restaurant in town that we have been dying to try. I've been to lunch a couple of times since we have lived here, but never dinner. It's not super fancy, but not really a kid place, either. Especially on the weekend. Anyway, we had a fantastic dinner, from appetizer down to dessert. After dinner, we walked around downtown for a bit and walked through a little park and train display from the early 1900's. Lastly, we actually shopped Target (for formula, wipes, pull-ups, and shampoo) in peace and quiet. Ahh...

I feel almost out of my comfort zone, having this many kid-less functions recently. I feel like I've been going out way too much, but the fact of the matter is I/we need to take advantage of the free baby-sitting while my mom is here, and that explains all of the fun things we have done the past two weeks! Thanks, Mom!

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Mandy said...

Every mom deserves a night or two out once in a while.