March 21, 2009

Goats and "Gorilla" Bars

As I said previously, we went to the zoo yesterday. It was a little chilly and a lot windy, but we had a good time.

At our zoo, if you veer right upon entering, the very first thing you hit (besides some flamingos) is the children's zoo. We do have a nice children's zoo- there are several sections based on geographical location. I had Little A in the big stroller, so my mom offered to follow Sassy around and let her see the "aminals".
Well, about 38 seconds after they split off, I heard Sassy crying. I looked over, and my mom was carrying a sobbing Sassy over to me. I figured she tripped or something, and I asked her what was wrong. She replied, "Thegoahmugrlabar!" in between sobs and deep breaths. I said, "What, sweetie, I can't understand you". Sassy said, "Thegoahmugrlabar!"

At a complete loss, I turned to my mom. She said, "The goat ate her granola bar". Oh, what I had to do to stifle a laugh! Sassy was really upset.

I made sure her fingers were intact and explained that the goat didn't know any better. I told her that we'd buy some popcorn as soon as we saw some, and that everything would be okay.

From that point on, Sassy was a bit off. She was cranky and we didn't last too much longer. On the way home, she was still talking about the goat eating her snack. I told her that it would be a funny, silly story to share with Daddy when he got home.

Sassy went down for her rest, but no sooner than that garage door opening, Sassy was yelling through her bedroom door, "Daddy... the goat ate my gorilla bar! He ate my gorilla bar, Daddy"! Tyler was like, "What?!?" I had to explain the story, and we all had a laugh.

I am hoping that she is over the trauma today!

3 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

HA!! It's a good thing you speak Sassy =)

Mae said...

Darn goat! ;)

Mandy said...

We fed the goats on Thursday, and one of them almost took my hand off... it makes you wonder if the zoo feeds them at all, or leaves it up to us and our gorilla bars!