March 24, 2009

Making up for lost time...

I know the blog has been seriously devoid of scrumptious pictures of my two little sweet peas. So, today will be a recap of sorts from the past week or so.

Sassy being a bubble monster:

Sassy thinking she's pretty happening:

Sassy being an extremely weird alien-like entity:

Look, mommy, I am a BIG "sitting up" girl:

Little A not so sure she is wanting more pumpkin & apple:

Little A playing with one of her favorite toys:

3 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...


The Costellos said...

We have the same hippo bubble machine and Emma loves it- once we can get the thing going, that is! Thanks for all the encouragement and your sweet peas are darling :)

Mae said...

Sweet girls! We actually just got the same hippo bubble machine for Isabelle (me) for Easter (the second it's warm again) after we had so much fun with Emma's! :)